Procedure of Generic Drug Registration
Back ground information of organization.
The organization chart of the Thai FDA and Bureau Of Drug Control.
Current Status and Practice in Pharmaceutical Regulations and Technical Requirements in Thailand.

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 Drug eSubmission Project
Public Hearing Drug e-Submission project and eCTD Specification
eCTD Specification
Validation Criteria
Laws and Regulations
    - Notification of the electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) for Thailand (TH)
      appendix 1 TH eCTD Specification Module 1 and Regional Information V1.0       appendix 2 Document mapping from ACTD
      appendix 3 TH Regional Specification and Validation Criteria V1.0
      appendix 4 ICH eCTD
 APEC Project
  "Capacity Building for Drug  Regulatory Agencies on Clinical trial  and Good Clinical Pracitice"
 Counterfeit Drug Information
Operated by Center for Combating Counterfeit Drug of Thailand. Provide informaton about counterfeit and illegal drug, download WHO report form ....
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